NAMA Launches Monthly Newsletter

By Melinda Hudgins Noblitt | 3.1.16

Never before has the NAMA Communications Committee looked forward to Monday even more than Taco Tuesday.

The ever-elusive Feb. 29 marked the launch of our official Monthly Newsletter!

*Cue fireworks*

New member-turned-newsletter editor, Katie Soltas, crafted the inaugural e-newsletter with upcoming events, new member welcome, local industry news, job board, and much more.

“We all know how busy marketing professionals can be, and time is our biggest resource,” says Soltas. “I’m thrilled to share a concise summary of all the marketing news and opportunities in Nashville with our growing NAMA network.”

Newsletter Graphic

Communications chair, Lisa Buckley, wanted to introduce a newsletter that would spark dialogue and engagement beyond programmed events.

“My goal is that these newsletters continue helping to inform, educate, and connect business professionals, marketers, and academics across our Middle Tennessee community,” she explained.

If you’ve already signed up to receive NAMA emails, the newsletter should be in your inbox. For those of you who haven’t opted in, now is the time to drink the NAMA Kool-Aid. You can sign up on the homepage in the upper right-hand corner.

Check out the newsletter here and let us know your thoughts!

To submit a local marketing news story, please contact NAMA Newsletter Editor Katie Soltas at