Member Spotlight: Norm Blanchard

Q&A with Norm Blanchard | 4.19.16


Norm Blanchard
CEO and Founder
3Feathers Mobile Marketing, LLC
Volunteer, Membership

What prompted you to join NAMA?
I joined NAMA because I see the value of connecting and networking with others.

As Henry Ford stated, “If everyone is moving forward together, then success takes care of itself.” Joining NAMA provides a vehicle for like-minded people to collaborate and learn from one another which then in turns can lead to success for everyone.

What did you hope to accomplish by joining NAMA?
My goal in joining NAMA was to meet and network with others in the marketing community in Nashville and the surrounding area. NAMA provides that opportunity with their Power Lunches and SIGs series every month.

You currently serve on the Membership Committee. Why did you decide to volunteer?
I have only been a member for a short time with NAMA, however, I see the value in being a member. I would like to give back and help encourage others to join and see that same benefit.

How has NAMA impacted you professionally?
Many times in business, you get boxed into a certain group. NAMA helps in meeting others in marketing that are not within your typical networking group. It has expanded my network circle. In addition, it has provided many educational opportunities.

What differentiates NAMA from other groups?
NAMA pulls people from all different areas of marketing. It brings together like-minded people for a common purpose of helping their members connect, developing skills, and increasing professionalism.

Can you share a memorable experience from your career thus far?
As an entrepreneur, I have had many memorable experiences. The most rewarding experience is when you have a vision for a project and you are able to see that vision become a reality – transforming an idea to reality.