Why NAMA Members Are Awesome

by Ann Howard, Power Marketer Program Steward

NAMA members are a wonderful group of people, which is why it has been such a pleasure to serve NAMA as Membership Chair for the past couple of years.

What is it about NAMA that draws 300 inspiring people together?

1. NAMA members believe in the power of marketing as a discipline. Marketing is not another line item in the expense column of the income statement. It’s a mindset; an approach to business that focuses on the needs of the customer, without whom you don’t have a business. Everyone in NAMA gets that.

2. NAMA members are committed to personal and professional growth. Think about someone you’ve worked with who is coasting. Contrast that with someone who is committed to continuous improvement. Continuous Improvement people are great to be around because their knowledge and energy rubs off on us. And everyone around that person gets better. It’s an upward cycle.

3. NAMA members want the Nashville community to thrive. We believe that Nashville is bursting with talent and innovation, and that breakout success is imminent. Marketing will play a key role in that success, which becomes much more likely if we share ideas and inspire each other. Part of what’s great about our community is the “rising tide lifts all boats” mentality that leads to powerful collaboration. Nashville’s marketing community has already contributed thought leadership to the national marketing conversation. There’s more to come, and NAMA will play a central role.

4. NAMA members are willing to invest in order to receive. Nothing worth a damn is easy. Personal and professional growth requires effort – time, energy, and sometimes money. Joining the AMA requires a financial commitment, but also a commitment to utilize the resources available. NAMA Members are willing to give in order to get.

Here’s to you, NAMA members! I’m excited and honored to be a part of what’s next – with you.

A Letter from Our President

Hi, Nashville-area marketers!

I’m Liz Denning, the new president of the Nashville chapter of the American Marketing Association. While I didn’t get an Air Force One with my position, I do get the honor of working with our talented board this year to bring Nashville-area marketers many opportunities to learn, network and position themselves better within their careers.

The focus this year is simple. We’ll build on NAMA’s past successes and add the resources our members have requested and more. Members wanted more perks for joining, and we’ve listened. Look for additional member recognition, new ways for members to plug in and a number of member-focused events.

After all, membership matters. Take for example, NAMA member Ann Howard. She moved to Nashville three years ago and quickly joined NAMA. She was able to volunteer, which eventually led to a position on the NAMA Board. Her visibility helped her land her current job at Centresource. “I wouldn’t be where I am today, without joining NAMA,” says Ann.

As we’ve listened to members, we’ve heard they love our SIGs — Healthcare, Digital and Non-Profit Marketing — and wanted one for business-to-business marketing. This year, James Soto from Industrial Strength Marketing and Robert Brown of Nissan are leading the B2B effort. Many thanks to them!

Already, we’re starting out the year strong – a Healthcare SIG event with Jill Austin of Vanderbilt Medical Center on August 20th followed by the CMO from Cracker Barrel, Sept. 5th (details coming soon). It’s just the beginning. Connect with us on social media (FB, Twitter, LinkedIn & Google+) or the website to stay up to date and volunteer this year. Exciting things will happen as we bring marketers together!

Meet Us at NAMA,

Liz Denning
President, NAMA
Owner, Gamma Blast

Be Part of the NAMA Explosion!

Thanks for connecting with NAMA through one of our many events or one of our members. We mean it when we say “Meet Me at NAMA.” Here you will find energy, great networking opportunities and a chance to sharpen your marketing tool kit.

Our Spring Membership drive will end on June 7. We would love to have you as a member – go to our website and hear from five marketing professionals on why they are a member.

Join during our membership drive and you will get:
·         Waved $30 activation fee (use code SPRING30)
·         $20 off a NAMA Power lunch event
·         Membership orientation event this summer, where you can see how you can maximize your AMA membership and start networking with other new members
·         Receive a copy of Mack Collier’s new book, “Think Like a Rock Star.”

Still undecided? Need a business case for your boss? Sure, we can do that:
·         Being a NAMA members saves you $15 on each of our Power Lunch event, and normally $5 to $10 on our SIG events
·         You get access to NAMA member-only events or attend free to events like our March Emma workshop on email marketing (a $40 value)
·         We should also mention the many AMA benefits – free webcasts, white papers and monthly publications and newsletters

Use this link to start your membership today – and then Meet Us at NAMA!

The Nashville AMA Collegiate Relations Committee – Investing In Next-Generation Marketers

by Natalie Stegall
The Nashville AMA Collegiate Relations Committee is quickly becoming the go-to marketing career resource for full-time students and young professionals in the greater Nashville area. In our continuing effort to support NAMA’s goal of deepening its brand in the marketplace, we work with students and professors from local universities to inform them of available internships, connect NAMA members with professors for speaking opportunities in their classrooms, and mentor students as they transition from collegiate to professional membership after graduation. We even hosted a special student networking and learning event this past spring entitled “Marketing the Marketer” to discuss job search insights with a panel of successful marketers in the area. Given the amount of interest in that event, we plan to host a similar session in spring 2013.

Dr. Jax Conrad, faculty advisor for Belmont University’s AMA chapter, is proud of what the chapter has achieved thus far, and enthusiastic about some great opportunities on the horizon.

“This semester marks the beginning of the fourth year of the AMA chapter at Belmont University,” Dr. Conrad says. “One of our first projects was creating a marketing plan for the Nashville Dismas House. The chapter has also been instrumental in increasing membership in Belmont’s student sports fan organization (MOB). In addition, the Children’s Kindness Network recently awarded Belmont’s AMA chapter the contract to do marketing for a children’s book and an original orchestral recording that promotes kindness principles with the hope of stopping bullying before it starts. The orchestral recording includes 17 celebrity voices, including Larry Gatlin, Ben Vereen, and Wynonna Judd. This is an important opportunity for Belmont students to get real-world marketing experience, while also making an ethical, socially responsible contribution to our country by helping to stop bullying before it starts.”

In addition to strengthening ties between local students and professors and our professional chapter, the NAMA Collegiate Relations Committee supports the development of local AMA collegiate chapters.  Just as the professional chapter relies on its volunteers, collegiate chapters evolve with the help of volunteer students and advisors who are passionate about marketing and dedicated to informing and connecting students with the local marketing community. In addition to Belmont, the NAMA Collegiate Relations group is currently in the process of establishing an AMA Chapter at Tennessee State University. As the NAMA presence grows within the academic community, we will continue to help students gain access to everyday resources that will facilitate growth in the classroom and beyond.

If you would like to learn more or get involved, please reach out to Collegiate Relations Chair Natalie Stegall or Co-Chair Brian Keegan.

AMA Lands Constellation SuperNova Awards Nomination!

Exciting news from AMA’s national headquarters – The American Marketing Association has been selected as a semi-finalist in the 2012 SuperNova Awards, recognizing the organizations leadership in disruptive technology (a term describing a new technology that unexpectedly displaces an established technology).

The Constellation SuperNova Awards celebrate and recognize leaders and teams who have overcome the odds to successfully apply such emerging technologies for their organizations.  This second-annual search for innovators includes an all-star judging panel, substantial prizes, invite-only admission and speaking opportunities at Constellation’s Connected Enterprise Summit.

Public voting is currently open and will continue through November 2nd. Lend your support! Click here for a link to the online judging form (use the scroll bar in the far right of the page to access the Next Generation list of finalists).

Make Like A Tennessean & Become A NAMA Volunteer!

Are you a NAMA member interested in becoming more involved in the hottest marketing organization in town? NAMA is a volunteer-led organization actively seeking volunteers in the following areas:

Programming – We need people that want to work with the board members as they coordinate the logistics of acquiring and accomodating the awesome speakers we host at our monthly luncheons!

Membership – Do you love NAMA? Do you love to talk to people about NAMA? If you answered “yes” this committee is perfect for you!

Communications – See this newsletter? We need help coordinating content and scheduling. There’s a lot to do and a lot to learn. We want you!

Research – Do you love analyzing event results? Are you looking to grow your experience in this area? We need you!!

All SiGS – in healthcare marketing? what about non profit marketing? How about digital or emarketing? We hold quarterly events and need volunteers to help with everything from planning to logistics and event management!

At NAMA, WE WANT YOU! If you are a current NAMA member and you’re interested in any of the opportunities listed, just fill out this form and Julie or Brad from the Volunteer Committee will be in touch.

Let us know if you have any questions!
Julie McReynolds

Brad Cowart

And Now, A Word From Our President

Welcome to a new NAMA year! I’m excited to be NAMA’s president for 2012-13. As my term was beginning, several friends and NAMA members wondered aloud if I would be overwhelmed with the workload associated with my new leadership position. Each time I responded, “No! I am honored to serve such a great organization; I am always energized after being around NAMA folks.”

I truly feel that way. I get great ideas, learn how other companies market, find new ways to approach old problems and, along the way, enjoy the friendships I have built with some great area marketers. I always come back to my job with a different perspective and usually a breakthrough on a problem project that’s been parked on the side of my desk.

If you thought NAMA had energy last year, just wait! We already have a great lineup of luncheon speakers and topics locked down for the year, and our SIG chairs are getting feedback as they plan their events. Look for monthly luncheons and mixers both in and outside downtown Nashville. And, soon, we will reveal our theme for the year along with some new sponsors and some great upcoming projects.

If you are a new NAMA member, we will begin quarterly member orientations to help you maximize your AMA and NAMA investment.

My goal this year is to cement NAMA as the premier marketing organization in the Nashville area, building on the great things that Steve Minucci did during his term of office. The role of marketing has never been more robust or necessary, and I’m seeing more openings for marketing positions than I have in the last two years (check out the Job Target section on the NAMA website).

Want to be part of the energy? Consider becoming a NAMA volunteer. This is a great way to build your personal brand, deepen your current skills and build new ones. Your commitment could range from a couple of hours a month to more heavy involvement with our membership, hospitality, communications or SIG committees. See details on the volunteer application process later in this newsletter.

I look forward to seeing you at our upcoming August mixer at Benchmark Midtown on Tuesday (8/14) and at the first of our monthly meetings, September 6th at the Hilton Garden Inn. I welcome all ideas and suggestions. Email me anytime at lmansur@deloitte.com.