Build Your Brand Persona Through Instagram

By Tiera Carlock, Guest Blogger | 2.7.18

While it offers minimal word usage and is less conversational in nature, Instagram can still be a powerful tool for brands to tell their story visually . . . which happens to be a great way to break through today’s marketing clutter.

Why has Instagram grown so popular? One reason may be because it is less conversational — less conversations about politics (Facebook anyone?). Hey, we still love Facebook for promoting our clients, but Instagram has a lot to offer.

Here’s 5 tips for having success with Instagram:

  • Find your purpose

Social media platforms, nor strategies for them, are one-size-fits-all. Ask yourself, before making a profile, if your target audiences are using Instagram and how.

  • Build your profile

Make sure your profile is searchable and identifiable. Do this by picking a high-quality, high-resolution photo that will fit in Instagram’s parameters. Whether it’s a picture of you, your products or your logo, keep it simple and appropriate.

  • Pick a theme

Choose and create content that works well for your brand and that can be told through pictures without confusion or the need for clarification. A theme is important, especially on visual-heavy Instagram, as it makes for consistency and uniformity. However, remember that a theme is not just pretty colors. It’s pretty colors AND pretty engaging content.

  • Be consistent and committed

Be careful to not start a campaign or effort and not finish it. Whether you plan a content calendar in advance or fly by the seat of your pants, be committed to posting. Brands grow quickly when they post and engage consistently.

  • Include F.L.U.F.F. (Fun, Light-hearted, User-friendly, Features)

Content related to your business or brand is certainly important, but be sure to include a few fun, light-hearted, user-friendly features. From memes to blog articles to behind-the-scenes pictures, share fun fluff to keep people engaged. Business is important, but sharing content that people can enjoy is just as important—if not more.

While Instagram isn’t primarily a conversational platform like Twitter or Facebook, all engagement is not lost. More than 60 percent of users like to connect with brands on social media, according to Iconosquare. Invite, engage and address comments, ask questions and keep an open line of communication with your followers and non-followers to establish a meaningful relationship with them. 

Growing your business or brand on Instagram takes the 3C’s — creativity, consistency and commitment – but, done right, it can help you create a distinct personality for your brand and business.