Is Your Brand Culturally Relevant?

by Jamie Dunham Founder of Brand Wise What makes one brand wired and another tired? I believe it is all in the culture. Brands are no longer locked in worlds of advertising or corporate ideas of what we want to tell the consumer. We marketing folks get so caught up in brand speak – brand […]

Questions to Help You Plan Your Content Marketing

Strategy is Key to Successful Content Marketing Nicole Provonchee, VP, Parthenon Publishing Content marketing consumes about a quarter of all marketing budgets today and 60 percent of marketers expect to maintain or increase their content marketing budgets in the coming year, according to the Content Marketing Institute. That has led many to proclaim, “content is […]

Branded Content: A Soft Sell that Really Works.

  The Soft Sell of Branded Content   Nowadays, most companies are looking to get new fans and customers thats an unobtrusive, soft-sell. Branded content. It’s the idea of creating content that tells a story to an audience and as a second priority includes a brand. Branded content Branded content is a relatively new form of advertising medium that […]

A Culture of WOW: Seven Takeaways from Zappos Insights

On March 1, NAMA was proud to host Jon Wolske from Zappos Insights, who helped all in attendance know a little more about how and why Zappos is dedicated to creating WOW for their customers. Here’s a recap.

Meet Brian Keegan – NAMA’s Volunteer of the Month

Brian Keegan – VP Marketing and Sales, Aim Marketing It’s a long way from Alaska to Tennessee, but like many of the Nashville’s transplants, Brian Keegan made that trip for the music industry. First as a songwriter, then as a video engineer for The Nashville Network, Keegan’s music industry roots serve him well as Vice […]