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Atata might just be your Huckleberry

By Emma Everett, Guest Blogger | 7.25.17 I’m Your Huckleberry Remember that line from the movie, “Tombstone?”  Doc Holiday catches up with nefarious Ringo and delivers one of the most quoted lines in Western movie history. And, just in case you didn’t see the movie or understand what Doc is talking about, Doc is basically […]

Nossi’s Photography Certificate Program will help serious hobbyists and company employees

By Leslie Kerr, Guest Blogger | 7.6.17 A new Photography Certificate Program at Nossi College of Art will help serious hobbyists or business owners and employees who need to take better pictures for their company web sites and social media pages. Starting this fall, the 16-week program will meet four hours per week at night. […]

Nossi College of Art launches new UX/UI Design program

By Libby Funke, Guest Blogger | 5.24.17 Improving one’s professional development isn’t always the most exciting thing to check off your professional to do list. Everyone has been part of team building exercises, multi-day conventions to learn the latest (insert latest thing here) or classes making you more proficient in Excel, Word, or even social […]

[PODCAST] Company culture as marketing with Buffer’s Courtney Seiter

By Chuck Bryant | 5.3.17 Sometimes, the way a company upholds its values can be just as valuable a marketing point as its product, and perhaps nobody knows that better than Buffer Director of People Courtney Seiter, who will be presenting “Company Culture as Marketing” at NAMA Power Lunch on May 4.   Buffer is […]

The New Era of Social Media: Private Messaging is The Next Frontier

By Tiffany Pack, Guest Blogger | 4.3.17 At their inception, traditional social media channels such as Facebook and Twitter gained wild, immediate popularity. Why? Because they tapped into the basic human need to connect with other people and redefined how we do so. Its spontaneity, with few controls and freedom from the intrusion of advertising […]

Still Fed Up With Millennials? Get Over It.

By Jordan Watkins, NAMA Blogger | 4.1.17 Gone are the days when a singular marketing approach was all that was needed. Today’s marketing campaigns must be able to effectively target more than just a singular audience, generation, or demographic. It’s true, a loyal customer is more valuable and affordable to target than a potential one. […]

Volunteer Spotlight: Knight Stivender

Knight Stivender CEO, Girls To The Moon Director of Client Success, Alcott Marketing Science Volunteer, NAMA Marketing Technology SIG Committee What prompted you to join NAMA? I joined NAMA six years ago when I was transitioning from a career in Journalism to a career in Marketing and Advertising. I found it to be a nice […]

Nashville’s Super Bowl Moment

By Samuel Cowden, Guest Blogger | 2.26.17 The Super Bowl is still quite visible in our rearview mirror, and we have been exposed to the year’s most exquisite examples of advertising. The big game was an opportunity for brands to impress, to excite, and to entice. With advertising spots, even the shortest, running bills of […]

Volunteer Spotlight: Austin Harrison

Austin Harrison Relationship Director, Identity Visuals NAMA Board Member, Sponsorship Chair What prompted you to join NAMA? I started coming to NAMA events shortly after moving to Nashville. My boss recommended it as a great place to learn about the Nashville marketing community. You currently serve (or have served) on NAMA’s Board. Why did you […]

[PODCAST] Busting the myths of brand storytelling with Lindsay Jamieson

By Chuck Bryant | 2.26.17 In today’s advertising environment, selling a product based on emotion is just as important – if not more – than selling based on reason. “It’s very much about emotional positioning or creating emotion in the narrative. Some people are good at that. Some people don’t dare do it,” said Lindsay […]