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A Marketing Home Run for the Nashville Sounds

By Edwin Acevedo, Guest Blogger | 4.27.17 The Nashville Sounds have partnered with technology company BKON Connect to create mobile digital experiences for baseball fans at First Tennessee Park. Taking the learnings from a four-game pilot in 2016, they are planning interactive mobile “hack the ballpark” experiences that give fans greater access to stadium information, […]

Experiential Errors: The Biggest Marketing Mistakes

By Justin Crowley | 9.11.15 Whether you’re running a campaign, launching a product, or creating an event, details are important. When trying new marketing strategies and tactics, it’s easy to miss mistakes until after the project is over. But, by then, it’s too late—meaning less-than-stellar ROI. As the trend towards experiential marketing becomes more popular, […]

How to Create A Direct Mail Test Matrix

 by Justin Crowley | 8.28.15 While A/B testing has become very popular in the digital age for testing the design of webpages, it also can  be very effective for testing direct mail campaigns. Direct mail is still an effective way to sell products and services. If you are going to run a direct mail campaign […]

Are You Making These 7 Direct Marketing Mistakes?

by Jaylyn Carlyle | 8.21.15 Let’s face it. Sometimes we’re just too close to a project. Other times it’s been such a bear that we just want to get it out the door and be done with it. But, in my experience, prudence and meticulousness pay off. Always. Originally posted at www.dmn3.com, Dr. Robert M. Brecht shares […]

The Psychology of Direct Mail

by Jaylyn Carlyle | 8.14.15 It’s easy to believe that, as marketers, we’re just sellers. Peddlers of products, ideas, and, most of all, solutions. But make no mistake, you’re a psychologist. Despite not having the plaque and those all-defining letters after your name (or maybe you do), this industry demands the study of human behavior and […]

25 Direct Marketing Statistics Prove Direct Mail Works

by Jaylyn Carlyle | 8.4.15 Sometimes the truth is best found in the numbers. Check out this article by Brenna Donovan, originally posted at Compu-Mail.com which provides serious support to direct mail.    by Brenna Donovan With the rise of email and social media, many leap to declare print and direct mail “dead.” But don’t let […]